Mark walton

I love photography and have had the good fortune over many years, of working as an Art Director, Creative Director and Film Director, with some of the world’s best Photographers and DOP’s, both in North America and Europe.

So in July 2018, after many, many months of research on cameras, lenses, memory cards, tripods and bags and also how to work with those images in post technology. I finally bought a digital camera and what had always been a bit of a hobby, has now turned into a beautiful obsession. I had no idea when I started even how to format a card for the camera, how to download images, then how to reformat that card again. So it was exhilarating to make mistakes, change the method, try a different combination, until I could even think about framing a shot, which at least then, I knew I would be on solid ground.

But it has been such a great feeling of freedom, to step out whenever with the camera and not have any idea about what I am going to come back with. Maybe it’s probably the lack of pressure, after quite a few decades of working with the demands of clients, crews, actors, timelines, weather and of course budgets. But thanks to Fujifilm, Adobe Lightroom and now Squarespace, for making things so much easier compared to yesteryear. Let the fun begin.