Chasing the light.

One of the many great things about living in Bucharest, especially if you are into ‘street photography’ are the throngs of people everywhere. On the street, in the metro, the outside markets, the old centre and also the abundance of parks, small and large around the city.

I was a bit dismissive of shooting in the parks at first, because I believed I needed to have the hustle and bustle of the ‘streets’ for my shots. Then quite by chance, I was on the bus heading home, when I happened to look out of the window, as we passed by the park ‘Alexandru Ion Cuza’. Standing up inside the bus, I had a fleeting glimpse through the park railings and saw in the distance, as the park drops in height from the road, three different levels down to the lake, the silhouettes of different people, taking an evening stroll against the light of the lake. The following weekend, when the light was right, I went out ‘hunting’ and was very happy with the results.