Just a few days after buying my camera, I stepped out of my hotel in Sibiu and started shooting people on the street. The photograph below was one of my first shots. As a complete novice I had set the controls to automatic, because I still wasn’t confident enough to go ‘manual’ with my new purchase.

I had envisaged the images I wanted to capture, just like ‘directing’ and when the old man in the white hat turned away from me on the corner, it was such a buzz. This was exactly what I had been imagining. Immediately after that I totally relaxed and enjoyed my first foray into ‘Street’ photography.


I have no problem shooting on the street, I don’t feel intimidated, or worry about what people will do or think. If they don’t like it, that’s their problem and not mine. I don’t skulk around like a voyeur, you have to be confident and deliberate in your actions Most people will not even notice.