Chasing the light.

One of the many great things about living in Bucharest, especially if you are into ‘street photography’ are the throngs of people everywhere. On the street, in the metro, the outside markets, the old centre and also the abundance of parks, small and large around the city.

I was a bit dismissive of shooting in the parks at first, because I believed I needed to have the hustle and bustle of the ‘streets’ for my shots. Then quite by chance, I was on the bus heading home, when I happened to look out of the window, as we passed by the park ‘Alexandru Ion Cuza’. Standing up inside the bus, I had a fleeting glimpse through the park railings and saw in the distance, as the park drops in height from the road, three different levels down to the lake, the silhouettes of different people, taking an evening stroll against the light of the lake. The following weekend, when the light was right, I went out ‘hunting’ and was very happy with the results.


Brasov in blue.

A week in Brasov, at the beginning of August, really got me out and about with the camera. It’s a very pretty city, especially around the old town and it’s a place I’ve visited many times. It is quite unique, with some buildings including the famous “Black Church’, dating back to the 1400’s. The colour of the buildings are in stark contrast to the capital, Bucharest. Which still suffers from the abundance of the old ‘communist blocks’, although that’s also changing, as many are being updated and repainted.


My preferred time of shooting in Brasov was either early morning, or the ‘golden hour’ when the bright summer sun wouldn’t be so harsh. The city was filled with many tourists and locals and nothing beats getting lots of walking exercise, great food and the added expectation of maybe getting a few nice shots.




Just a few days after buying my camera, I stepped out of my hotel in Sibiu and started shooting people on the street. The photograph below was one of my first shots. As a complete novice I had set the controls to automatic, because I still wasn’t confident enough to go ‘manual’ with my new purchase.

I had envisaged the images I wanted to capture, just like ‘directing’ and when the old man in the white hat turned away from me on the corner, it was such a buzz. This was exactly what I had been imagining. Immediately after that I totally relaxed and enjoyed my first foray into ‘Street’ photography.


I have no problem shooting on the street, I don’t feel intimidated, or worry about what people will do or think. If they don’t like it, that’s their problem and not mine. I don’t skulk around like a voyeur, you have to be confident and deliberate in your actions Most people will not even notice.